Fundamental Physics at the Atomic Scale

Our Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics research team carries out research at the forefront of this theme. Advanced lasers are being developed which allow for measurements of extreme precision in the frequency and time domain, lasers of high stability for precision metrology purposes and for laser cooling of atoms, for producing optical lattices and for cooling of ions in traps. Highly intense laser pulses, in the femtosecond to the nanosecond domain are generated to harmonically convert radiation into the domain of the extreme ultraviolet. The research focuses in the theme of "Fundamental physics at the atomic scale" focuses on spectroscopic experiments in atoms, ions and molecules searching for a possible variation of fundamental constants, testing quantum-electrodynamic theory, and studying matter at ultra-low temperatures.
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For an impression of the group atmosphere see the movie on the Diavolezza Science and Ski meeting.

Video at LaserLaB.