Chase Broedersz appointed as Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics of Life

Dr. Broedersz will join the physics department at the VU from the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics at the LMU Munich.

08/17/2020 | 8:40 AM

His research group studies the physics of life from a theoretical perspective. His research focusses on non-equilibrium dynamics of soft living matter. A central question of his research is how functional behavior in biological systems emerges from the collective dynamics of its interacting constituents.

Chase Broedersz was a Lewis-Sigler Fellow and lecturer at Princeton University from 2011-2015. After that he appointed as a W2 professor at the physics department of the Ludwig-Maximilians university of Munich till 2020. Dr. Broedersz is best known for his work on the dynamics and mechanics of cells and tissues, stochastic thermodynamics in living matter far from equilibrium, and chromosome organization in bacteria. He was a member of the clusters of excellence Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) and Origins, and a member of the Young College of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.