PhD defenses 2021

PhD defenses in 2021

Vincenzo Mascoli
Natural strategies for light harvesting in oxygenic photosynthesis: from excess light to shade
Promotor: prof. dr. R. Croce
Defense: 20 January 2021

Marica Marrese
Optically and electrically assisted-micro-indentation
Promotor: prof. dr. D. Iannuzzi
Defense: 25 January 2021

Martijn Tros
Harvesting far-red light
Promotors: prof. dr. R. Croce and prof. dr. R. van Grondelle
Defense: 3 February 2021

Maria Bader
Seismic and Newtonian noise modeling for Advanced Virgo and Einstein Telescope
Promotor: prof. dr. J.F.J. van den Brand
Co-promotor: dr. H.J. Bulten
Defense: 9 February 2021

Joleen Traets
Developmental timing and cell fate maintenance in Caenorhabditis elegans
Promotor: prof. dr. T.S. Shimizu
Co-promotor: dr. J.S. van Zon
Defense: 10 February 2021

Simona Streckaite
Thylakoids: from molecular to membrane organisation
Promotor: prof. dr. B. Robert
Co-promotors: prof. dr. R. van Grondelle and dr. A. Gall
Defense: 25 February 2021

Szu-Ning Lin
The effect of physico-chemical conditions on a nucleoid-associated protein
Promotors: prof. dr. ir. G.J.L. Wuite and prof. dr. R.T. Dame
Defense: 1 March 2021

Ruben Schupp
Spectral characterization of solid-state laser-driven plasma sources of EUV light
Promotors: prof. dr. W.M.G. Ubachs, prof. dr. ir. R.A. Hoekstra and dr. O.O. Versolato
Defense: 17 March 2021 

Ruud van der Beek
Bloch Oscillations of Metastable Helium in an optical lattice
Promotor: prof. dr. H.L. Bethlem; co-promotors: prof. dr. W.M.G. Ubachs and prof. dr. K.S.E. Eikema
Defense: 17 March 2021

Anna Meijering
Unravelling the chromosome - An optical tweezers approach to study the structure of human mitotic chromosomes
Promotors: prof. dr. ir. G.J.L. Wuite and prof. dr. ir. E.J.G. Peterman
Defense: 28 April 2021

Harmen Wierenga
Statistical mechanics of cytoskeletal filaments
Promotor: prof. dr. P.R. ten Wolde; co-promotor: prof. dr. A.M. Dogterom
Defense: 17 May  2021

Lauren Nicol
Photoprotection in Photosynthesis
Promotor: prof. dr. Roberta Croce
Defense: 25 May 2021

Mengqi Du
Computational Depth-resolved Imaging and Metrology
Promotors: dr. S.M. Witte, prof. dr. K.S.E. Eikema
Defense: 9 June 2021