NWO grant for project InstantPathology

The NWO domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has granted 600 kE funding to Marloes Groot and coworkers for the project InstantPathology.

11/15/2017 | 9:46 AM

InstantPathology aims to bring label free, real time pathology to the operating room and the endoscopy suite in the form of a compact, easy-to-handle, table top device with unique 2-photon-excited fluorescence (TPEF) and third and second harmonic generation microscopy (THG/SHG) capabilities for analysis of excised tissue. Two devices will be placed in operating rooms, endoscopy suites and pathology departments of VUmc and AMC to collect validation characteristics for a range of representative tissue and disease types and investigate novel workflows. Accompanying advanced automated image analysis software will be developed to assist in diagnosis. This represents major improvements in terms of quality (quick diagnosis, reduced operating/ endoscopy time, improvement of patient related outcomes) of surgical and endoscopy procedures.

The new startup TritosDiagnostics participates in this project.